We are Kwik Auctions

Our Reputation is Stainless

Founder Jerry fell in love with the wild-west, California-style, high-energy auctions in the early 2000's and brought that to Canada, with a twist.

Disturbed by the shady business practices and manipulative tactics, he vowed to bring honesty and trust back to the auction world.

The business lives on in that spirit.

We believe in truth and honesty. Our business model relies on customers coming back repeatedly because we find the best deals, the best equipment, and get it to you for cheap.

We never lie in our auctions. If we test something, and it works, we say so. We take videos as proof if it makes sense to do so. If something needs a part, or is missing something, we will never hide that fact. We display the condition of every lot right in our catalogue. If your equipment goes out and stops working soon after your purchase, we partner with several qualified technicians around the mainland and can refer you to them for speedy, top-notch service.

If anything else goes wrong, we do our best to make it right. We're in the business of making happy customers.