Earn Money Consigning Your Equipment

Turn old assets into funding for your next adventure!
Dedicated bidder base

Every consignment benefits from our base of over 6000 regular bidders. Our bidders expect top quality consignments and are willing to pay top dollar for it. You’ll reap these benefits.

Marketing Services

Included in every consignment is light cleaning and a photoshoot to get your asset auction ready. We shine it up, provide gorgeous lighting, and take professional photographs. We include high value items on all our marketing, spanning social media, email newsletters, and PPC channels.

Cleaning and Servicing

If you’re worried that you’ve neglected your assets, don’t. We can give it a deep clean, fix anything that’s wrong, find the value in your asset, and get you paid for it.

Low-Fee Consignments

We don't surprise you with additional and hidden fees. You consign with us, we take 30%. End of story. Included is light cleaning, and marketing. Extra and completely optional are repairs, and pickup fees.

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