COVID-19 and Kwik Auctions

We fully realize the gravity of this pandemic our role in it. We have family members affected by this virus. Though you may not be afraid of what this virus may do to your health, your largest role in this pandemic is as a carrier. You risk transmitting this virus to those in at-risk demographics, or in poor health. 

There has been a lot of misinformation, racism, and politics surrounding the spread of this virus.

We're not in the business of promoting any of that, and we hope that we can spread helpful, effective advice. 

The WHO has some easy-to-follow advice for the public (found here):

  1. Wash your hands frequently,
  2. Practice good respiratory hygiene,
  3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth,
  4. Maintain Social Distancing,
  5. Seek medical care early,
  6. Stay informed, and listen to advice from your healthcare provider.

#4 is where we can do the most. We are already structured to help. We conduct online-only auctions, where there is no large gathering of any crowds.

We offer shipping on all invoices. You can shop and get delivery of your winnings without ever coming into contact with another person.

Where we need to make a change, is in our pickups. To promote social distancing, we ask that you follow a few small changes in our pickup procedure:

  1. Call before you come or when you arrive. Provide your name and invoice number for verification.
  2. Drive to the back door and wait outside.
  3. We will pick your order and bring it to you outside.
  • We will still have our forklifts available to load heavy equipment.
  • Please wash your hands frequently. We have washrooms available to all customers and visitors.
  • You can call ahead to let us know you're on your way. We might be able to get started on picking your invoice and you could spend less time waiting around others while we pick you invoice.

If we all do our part in helping slow the spread of this virus, we can lessen the impact on our health infrastructure, and keep it available for those in dire need of medical assistance.

Stay safe, and be conscious that your actions can help save lives. 

Happy, and safe bidding!