Digital Scale - 20lbs

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The Update DPS-20 digital portion control scale has a 20-pound capacity and measures in pounds, ounces, or grams. Its LCD display provides an easy-to-see digital readout. The tare feature resets the weight to zero to subtract a container or account for ingredients as they are added. After 60 seconds without use, the scale automatically turns off to save the batteries. Made of strong stainless steel, the platform is simple to clean.

  • 20-lb. capacity
  • Measures in pounds, ounces, or grams
  • LCD display has a digital readout
  • Tare feature resets the weight to zero to account for containers or added ingredients
  • Piece count
  • Automatic off after 60 sec.
  • Removable, stainless steel platform is simple to clean
  • Includes AC adapter and 2 AA batteries
  • Overall dimensions: 8.5 in. L x 6.125 in. W x 1.75 in. H