Double Deck Oven, Doyon 3T-2

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For the artisan baker, Doyon's Artisan Series stone deck ovens are the best choice for Old-World artisan style crusty breads with a thick crispy crust and soft interior. The ovens are stacked to make use of vertical space and provide the capacity that you need.  They're easy to install and are the perfect choice for a variety of quality hearth breads, pastries, cookies, pies, cakes, pizzas, roasts and much more!


Features & Benefits

  • Built in one piece with 2 oven chambers.
  • Individual self-contained steam injection system for each chamber.
  • Chamber capacity of three 18"x26" pans.
  • 1" thick refractory stone decks.
  • Digital electronic control board - independent for each chamber: independent baking temperature and time, independent temperature regulation for bottom, top, and front heat ratio, manual steam injection for each chamber.
  • Brightly lit.
  • Low amperage electric operation.
  • 240v/1Phase.
  • 75"W x 46.25"D x 63.75"H