Manitowoc Neo Ice machine

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Over the course of a day, the Manitowoc Ice UYF-0240A NEO® undercounter ice machine can produce 219 pounds of half-dice ice, and a delay function enables operators to customize the unit's ice production for saving energy during slow business hours. Alternatively, users can let the unit run, building up ice in the 90-pound-capacity bin for later use. Once the bin is full, an indicator light alerts those nearby and ice production stops to prevent overflow. Ice is accessible through the bin's sliding door, which moves up into the container instead of out into the walkway.

The air-cooled condensing system is self-contained, breathing in and out the unit's front, while its air filter is accessible for cleaning and reusable to reduce operation costs. When the unit needs attention, a service indicator light will warn users, and interior components can be accessed behind the slide-off bin, which is removable from the front. This design also provides convenient cleaning access, and to streamline cleanup, several components in the food zone are removable.

Product Details

  • Part of the NEO ice maker series
  • 219-lb. maximum ice production
  • 160-lb. AHRI-certified ice production
  • Makes half-dice ice
  • Half-dice ice size: 38 in. x 118 in. x 78 in.
  • Delay button pauses ice production for several hours to save energy
  • 90-lb.-capacity storage bin saves ice for later use
  • Full-bin indicator light
  • Service indicator provides operation feedback
  • Air-cooled condenser breathes in and out the front
  • Environmentally friendly R-404A hydrocarbon refrigerant
  • Interior components are accessible behind the slide-off bin
  • Removable distribution tube, water trough, and damper door simplify cleanup in the food zone
  • Key components protected by AlphaSan® to slow down bacteria buildup and mold growth
  • 2,700 average BTU; 3,300 peak BTU
  • California Low Lead qualified; CE approved; cULus listed; NSF, AHRI, and ISO 9001:2008 certified