Pitco Countertop Gas Fryer

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Enabling users to simultaneously cook mozzarella sticks in one basket and chicken tenders in the other, the Pitco SGC-S gas fryer has a 35-pound oil capacity and two frying baskets. Millivolt controls let users adjust the temperature from 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, though the unit will automatically shut off if the temperature gets too high to prevent element burnout. For additional safety purposes, the unit also shuts off if the standing pilot flame goes out. To facilitate cleaning, the unit comes with a drain line rod and cleaning sample pack.

Because the Pitco SGC-S gas fryer is a countertop unit, it's positioned on 4-inch flanged legs to prevent it from overheating against the counter or burning the counter or bottom of the unit. Great for high-volume use, it has a stainless steel tank, front, door, and sides. The tank has a peened finish that can be wiped clean if it gets dirty from oil.

Product Details

  • Part of the Solstice™ series
  • 35-lb. oil capacity
  • Millivolt controls
  • Temperature range: 200-400 degrees F
  • 2 No. 14 baskets
  • Includes 1 nickel-plated tube rack, 1 drain line rod, and 1 drain extension
  • Fryer cleaning sample pack included
  • Sits on a countertop with 4-in. flanged legs
  • Durable stainless steel tank, front, door, and sides
  • Peened tank finish eases cleaning
  • Shuts off if pilot flame goes out or temperature gets too high
  • Heat exchanger tubes have high-temperature heat baffles
  • 114-NPT full port drain
  • Built-in flue deflector
  • 75,000 BTU
  • CSA Gas-fired listed; NSF certified

Dimensions & Utilities

  • Cooking area: 14 in. L x 1358 in. W x 4 in. D
  • Overall: 1434 in. wide
  • Powered by natural gas
  • 34-in. NPT gas connection
  • Pressure regulator included

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Solstice™ Standard Fryer, gas, countertop, 35 lb. oil capacity, millivolt control, stainless steel tank, front, door & sides, 4" flanged legs, 75,000 BTU, CSA, NSF