Super Espresso Machine, Vibiemme Domobar

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Super Espresso Machine, Vibiemme Domobar

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  • Kwik Tested: Used, Working, Excellent Condition

  • 120v/1Phase

  • 10.6”W x 20”D x 16.5”H

Vibiemme Domobar Description

Domobar, or “home bar” in Italian, is a crowning achievement for Vibiemme. The Domobar Super brings the unflinching quality which the brand is renowned for to your home or café.

This incredible “super bar” brings a thorough list of professional-quality features in a solid and handsome frame. Vibiemme is known for the famous E61 group head, which is heated to maintain an optimal temperature for each shot you pull. The brass portafilters are professional-grade and able to handle the most sophisticated grinds.

The stainless-steel drip tray is generously sized and can be emptied in a one-step process. The rotary pump runs significantly quieter than those of similar machines. Full-sized pressure gauges give you control over the process with accurate and attractively designed analog displays.


  • True Faema E61 grouphead is heaviest in its class and maintains active flow of water from the grouphead to the heat exchanger in the boiler

  • The heat exchanger allows you to make espresso after espresso until water reservoir is emptied

  • Professional grade brass portafilters - one portafilter with single spout and single filter basket and one portafilter with dual spout and double filter basket

  • Boiler Capacity: 1.8 liters plus 200 ml heat exchanger inside (capacities do not include thermosyphon tubes, steam pipe/hot water tubes, grouphead, etc)

  • Removable 2.1 liter pour-over water reservoir

  • Boiler pressure gauge to indicate boiler pressure (reading will vary between .8 and 1.2 bar pressure). The setting can be varied by adjusting the full size pressurstat through the access port under the cup warmer tray on top of machine.

  • Pump pressure gauge to indicate brew pressure during espresso extraction (reading will vary while not extracting)

  • Multi-directional stainless steel steam wand on left side can be moved in different directions

  • Multi-directional stainless steel hot water tap on right side can be moved in different directions

  • Power indicator light on right side indicates when the machine is powered on.

  • Heating light on left side indicates when espresso machine is heating

  • Low water level light in middle indicates when water level in water reservoir in rear is low

  • Three stage power switch allows user to fill internal boiler without sending power to the heating element (prevents damage upon initial start-up).

  • Full size Parker pressurstat (rated as one of the best boiler pressure regulators) monitors boiler pressure

  • Extremely large stainless steel drip tray which can be easily (slides out with pull of handle) removed for cleaning. Grate stays on machine when pulling out drip tray so that it is one step to empty.

  • GICAR branded electronic water level control for internal boiler is in the lower right rear corner of machine where there is least heat build up

  • Rotary vane pump provides quicker ramp up pressure at start of espresso extraction and is quieter than vibration pumps

  • Largest OPV (over pressure valve opens when too much pump pressure exists) located in rear of machine with easy access when body panel and six (6) associated screws are removed.

  • Dimensions: 10.6" W x 20.0" D x 16.5" H.

  • Product Safety Listing: UL Commercial for home and office use