a bunch of different types of commercial kitchen appliances,
a bunch of different types of commercial kitchen appliances,

Kwik Auctions

Hospitality Industry Auction House, Located In Burnaby, BC
Arcoroc Glass, Chef & Sommelier Cutlery, Dudson China
Arcoroc Glass, Chef & Sommelier Cutlery, Dudson China

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Restaurant Equipment Auctions Every 2-4 Weeks

Brand-New and Used, Tested/Working Equipment

Buying with Kwik

  • Our mission statement is simple: Making sure our customers have a good experience! We do things differently than most auction houses:
  • We assess, test, accurately describe and picture extensively so you can make an informed decision before hitting the bid button.
  • We have great relationships with our suppliers so we always have an incredible selection of new equipment and small wares as well as used, high quality equipment from restaurants, bakeries, butcher shops, breweries, food processing and manufacturing facilities.

Selling with Kwik

Consignment Process: Simply email us at info@kwik.ca with details and images of your equipment to start the consignment process. We offer competitive consignment rates based on market value and assist in transporting the equipment to our auction showroom for testing, cleaning, and maintenance before listing it on our online platform.
Effective Marketing Strategy: With a specialized focus on the hospitality industry, we excel in marketing your equipment to a targeted audience. Our extensive experience and large following ensure that your high-value items receive maximum exposure to potential buyers.
Quality Assurance: We prioritize quality by ensuring that only equipment in good working condition is listed for auction. Unlike many auction houses, we thoroughly test and assess each item, providing buyers with detailed descriptions and images to instill confidence in their purchases. This commitment to quality ensures a positive experience for both buyers and sellers.

Kwik Auctions' Advantages

Hospitality Equipment Specialists
Hospitality Industry Connections

Kwik's industry connections secure us brand-new overstock and end-of-stock items, alongside typical business closures. Clients wonder how we offer such quality at auction!

Corporate and small business partners rely on us for quick asset offloading, saving them money and time. We handle equipment removal meticulously, mitigating risks from water, gas, electrical, moving and transport.

By keeping our costs low and conducting high-volume auctions, Kwik Auctions can afford to let our bidders determine the prices while still thriving in business!

Kwik provides comprehensive shipping services, catering to both local and long-distance needs across North America. Our commitment goes beyond just delivering your freight; we prioritize its safety and cost-effectiveness.

We take meticulous care in packing and strapping your items to ensure they arrive securely. Moreover, our efficient packing techniques maximize space on pallets, ultimately reducing your shipping costs.

You can trust Kwik to not only deliver your freight safely but also to optimize your shipping expenses.

Kwik specializes in equipment for restaurants and other food production and serving businesses. We curate our offerings, ensuring that only high-quality equipment suitable for commercial use is listed for auction.

Kwik's team has a wealth of experience in food equipment. Our lot descriptions are detailed and accurate, with any defects or issues clearly noted. We've worked diligently to distance ourselves from the predatory and opportunistic practices often associated with auctions. Our thriving business relies on the trust of our loyal customer base, and we take great pride in maintaining a model that benefits both buyers and sellers.

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