Buying with Kwik Auctions - How It Works

  • We host timed, online-only auctions.

    While you can visit our auction showroom, you can only bid from your computer (or phone/tablet) via our online auction platform (found at Unlike live auctions, there is no auctioneer calling out bids in real-time. Instead, participants follow the auction and enter each bid manually, or leave a maximum bid. Maximum, or "Proxy" bids are explained in more detail in our "New Bidder - Frequently Asked Questions" section below.

  • Our auctions are held on Wednesdays @ 2pm every 2-4 weeks.

    The auction starts closing at 2pm at a rate of 2 lots per minute. For example: A 600 lot auction would take a total of 5 hours, with the first lot closing around 2pm and final lot closing around 7pm. A 900 lot auction would take a total of 7.5 hours and would finish closing around 9:30pm.

  • Viewing is available in person at our auction showroom.

    The Monday and Tuesday before an auction we are open for viewing during our regular hours, 9am - 3pm. We are also open for viewing on auction day, but the auction starts closing at 2pm... so make sure you leave time to get to your computer!

  • Create a profile and register to bid.

    You only need to create a profile once, but you will need to register for each auction and accept that auctions' terms and conditions. Certain parts of the terms and condition change from auction to auction; such as the pickup deadline.

  • Timed online auctions incorporate "extended" bidding.
    Also known as a "soft close" or "auto-extend," if a bid is placed on an item within the last few minutes, the closing time for that item is extended a very short time to allow other participants the opportunity to bid. This prevents last-second "sniping" and ensures a fair chance for all bidders. Originally an eBay innovation, all timed online auction platforms now incorporate this feature.

  • Our buyer's premium is 20%.

    Buyer's premium is charged on top of the winning bid (hammer price.) Buyer's premiums are standard at all auction houses and is part of our transparent compensation structure. For example, if your winning bid is $100, you will be charged $120 (+ applicable tax) on your auction invoice.

You Won! Now What?

  • Following the auction you will receive an invoice detailing your winning bids.

    Using the payment information you provided, you will be charged your invoice total and sent an email receipt. A paper copy will be available at pickup. A paper copy will also accompany your items if you choose to have them shipped with you.

  • Pickup or arrange for shipping before the deadline.

    Our standard is 5 business days to either pick up or request shipping, after which storage fees will start accruing. Larger auctions, or inclement weather before or after and auction will extend the pickup deadline to 6 or 7 business days. We don't want to charge you storage! Please just communicate with us, and we will always work with you.
  • Email to ask for shipping quote.

    Please include the address you would like to have it shipped, whether the location is business or residential, and if you need a tailgate delivery. If you are arranging your own movers, please notify us by email. If you are using your own shipping company, please email us the bill of lading.

    You do not need to schedule an appointment to pickup your items yourself. We do not mark up shipping quotes from our logistics firm. We do charge $50 for a standard pallet and $5 for a box. Custom/oversized pallets can cost $100+. Some items can not be shipped using traditional methods and must be picked up by movers/flat deck. In this case we can not guarantee we can obtain a quote on your behalf.

    Please note: all shipping is done at the buyer's risk. If you see your items have been damaged in transport, it's important that you refuse the delivery and make sure it leaves with the driver. Do not accept, do not sign for it, and make sure it leaves with the driver.

  • Give us feedback:

    After receiving your items, you have the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience with Kwik Auctions. Your feedback helps improve the auction process and provides valuable insights for future buyers and sellers. Please email us any concerns you have or problems you encounter. We learn to do our job better when we help our customers!

New Bidder - Frequently Asked Questions

I want to participate! What do I do?

Visit and set up an account. Register for our upcoming auction and start bidding! You'll need to sign up with your Visa or Mastercard, as our system requires pre-authorization of payment method.

The countdown timer extended. What's going on?

Our auctions cater to busy restaurateurs, allowing them to participate while managing their restaurants. Our timer extension feature prevents sniping. When a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes, the timer extends by 5 minutes, ensuring fair winning chances for all. Bid extensions are an industry standard for timed online auctions.

What is a maximum bid?

You place a maximum or "proxy" bid and the system will automatically place the next asking bids up to your maximum. If bidding goes beyond your maximum, you will receive an email notification allowing you to decide if you wish to increase your maximum bid. Your maximum bid is private and other bidders cannot see it. You don't have to worry about showing your hand too early!

As an example:

  • You want to bid on an item that is currently $100. The next bid is $105. You are willing to pay up to $150, so you place that maximum bid. There is no other maximum bid, so you are the leading bidder at $105. If no one else bids, you've won the item for the hammer price of $110.

  • If another bidder placed a bid for $125, the software bids on your behalf and you will become the leading bidder at $130.

  • If another bidder placed a bid for $150, the same as your maximum bid, the software bids on your behalf and you will stay the leading bidder at $150. If another bid is places, you will be outbid and sent an email notification in case you should wish to place another bid.

Another example:

  • You want to bid on an item that is currently $500. The next bid is $510. You are willing to pay up to $750, so you place that maximum bid. There is another maximum bid of $650, the software bids on your behalf $660. If there is no other bidder, you've won the item for the hammer price of $660.

Another example:

  • You want to bid on an item that is currently $500. The next bid is $510. You are willing to pay up to $750, so you place that maximum bid. There is another maximum bid higher than yours, so the current bid changes to $760. You will need to place another bid if you are still interested.

Before I bid, can you tell me how much it cost to ship?

We can only provide shipping quotes for paid invoices.

What assurances do I have that what I buy will work?

Rest assured, while legally all items are sold as-is, where-is, our dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart. We understand the importance of trust and repeat business, which is why we go the extra mile in testing and appraising our equipment.

Unlike other auction houses, we prioritize transparency and reliability. While there are inherent risks associated with purchasing at auctions, we strive to mitigate them by providing detailed descriptions and testing for functionality whenever possible.

With us, you have a clear understanding of the condition of the items you're purchasing, allowing you to make informed decisions about your investment. While there are still risks involved, our commitment to honesty and integrity ensures that you're getting the most accurate representation possible. Join our community of satisfied customers who value quality and transparency in their auction purchases!

I've changed my mind about one of the items I won. Can I return it?

We can not ask for your money back from the consignor, so a return is not possible. All sales are final. You may request that Kwik resell the item. Do not attempt to drop-off/re-consign anything without first contacting us. Many people seem to think because they bought something at Kwik, they can bring it back whenever they like to resell. That is simply not the case. You first need to email We could have many projects on the go and may not be accepting additional consignments at that time.