This is our
Badge of Honour.

We know buying at auction is risky
We try to make it painless

We strive to accurately represent the condition of every piece of equipment. We take as much risk out of the process for you as possible. Our equipment should only surprise you in good ways.

To assist with that, we created:

Kwik Tested

Our transparent appraisal process accurately appraises equipment condition and value for our customers.

Testing Process

  • We power equipment, and check their basic functions. The following is an example of what we do to certain pieces of equipment:
    • Ovens:
      • We verify the power board lights up (receives power).
      • We verify the heating element functions, and heats up.
        • We do not test for max-temperature.
      • We verify fans (convection ovens and hoods) power on.
    • Steam Tables/rethermalizers:
      • We fill compartments with water and verify heating elements provide heat.
    • Mixers:
      • We verify that the gears are operational (and clutch if applicable), i.e. the mixer spins.
      • We verify that switches and timers function.
    • Electric Ranges/Griddles/Induction Cookers:
      • We verify that elements heat up.
      • We heat water in induction capable pots for induction cookers.
  • We make small repairs and perform minor servicing.
    • We replace switches, fuses, handles and other small parts easily sourced from parts suppliers.
  • We accurately report condition.
    • If there are certain functions not operational, we explain what those functions are.
    • If there is specific and highly-visible damage, like shipping damage, or broken glass panels, we explain what the damage is.
  • Videos:
    • These are a marketing tool, not a proof of function.
    • We do not take videos of every equipment test. Only on those items we deem a video would add value at auction.

Summary of Conditions

Used: Broad term, denotes lots that have visibly been used. Usually has visible wear & tear, or scuffing.

Working: Basic functionality of equipment is in working condition. This is governed by our "Kwik Tested" testing process.

New: Usually still in original packaging, or we can verify that it has never been used through other means.

Like-NewUsually used when we cannot validate that something is actually new. E.g. New-looking equipment in long-term storage consigned by new owners who don't know what the previous owners did with the equipment.

Additional Text: We will always try and accurately reflect the condition of the lot. We highlight specifics with regards to condition. If parts are missing, we list them. If functionality is limited, we detail it. If there is damage, we outline it.


  • All items are sold 'as-is, where-is' with no warranties, or guaranties.
  • "Kwik Tested" is for appraisal purposes only. We are not experts. We do not determine functionality, durability, performance, or safety.
  • "Kwik Tested" does not imply any warranty or guaranty.
  • "Kwik Tested" is only a rapid evaluation of condition. It is not exhaustive or long-term testing. 
  • We don't do exhaustive testing or reporting.
    • I.e we won't highlight the location of every scuff mark or every scratch.
  • We don't test everything.
    • We won't test cutlery, for example.
    • We reserve the right to decide what equipment to subject to our testing process based on available time, perceived value of the asset, and other criteria.
  • We only test once between the equipment arriving, and it leaving the warehouse. 
  • We are not licensed electricians, or technicians. We cannot perform any servicing that requires licensing.
    • We also don't warranty or guarantee our repairs and servicing for the same reason.
  • We are not trained or educated on brand-specific or model specific servicing.