In the consignment process, we work with you to get your item into our auction, and sold for a fair price.

On the surface, it's simple. We sell your item, and you get 70% of the hammer price, while we keep a 30% commission.

The first step in this process is to email us photos and a list of all the items you're interested in consigning.

From there, if we think we can sell it, we test it, clean it, advertise it, and put it into an appropriate auction. Once everything has sold, we need up to 10 days for processing before we can issue a cheque.


We do our best to accurately appraise equipment, but the variables in the auction process mean we cannot guarantee any price.

There are two main areas that represent costs in this process. Shipping, and Servicing.

All items are sold out of our warehouse in Burnaby, BC, so items have to be shipped there. We can assist with tear outs and cartage locally, and our standard rate for that is $200/hr.

All items in our auction are cleaned, tested, and serviced. We do not sell junk, and therefore won't accept junk. We accurately test, assess, and advertise the condition of all equipment. We routinely make minor repairs and replace small parts. Our cleaning and servicing rate is $75/hr, plus cost of parts.

All these costs would come out of any consignment settlement.

The ideal scenario for all parties would be a well maintained piece of equipment in good working condition, dropped off at our warehouse ready for sale. This would ensure the lowest cost and a quick sale turnaround for you.

Legally binding terms & conditions will be issued with every consignment.

Let us sell your equipment

We understand that every consignment is different, so feel free to email us at with photos and a list, or call us at (604) 299-4517.